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Loading Dock Equipment

Hydraulic Dock Levelers

We offer a complete line of hydraulic dock levelers to suit common and custom capacity requirements. Ranging from a standard construction model to the high capacity series.

hd-hidraulic-lift-large (1).jpg

Mechanical Dock Levelers


Edge of Dock Levelers

Edge of dock levelers are designed to operate in a low capacity, low frequency setting where a dock plate could not offer the ergonomics or performance. The edge of dock leveler is also a more affordable option to pit levelers

We offer a complete line of mechanical dock levelers to suite common capacity requirements. A mechanical leveler offers ease of use and zero energy costs. Mechanical dock levelers are also able to be retrofitted with a hydraulic conversion kit, offering hydraulic operation if this becomes a consideration for your loading docks in the future.

Vehicle restraints and dock lock safety systems are a key component of efficient and safe modern loading docks. Vehicle restraints lock trailers into position at the loading dock.


Vehicle Restraints

UHR40 Standalone grey hook.jpg

Dock Seals and Shelters

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