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Spider Shelving System

Spider® Shelving is designed for intensive use. Easy to install and with a wide range of configurations and accessories available, they are the ideal solution to meet your company's storage challenges. From shelving and mini-racking, to drawers in shelving and mezzanines, We offer complete systems to maximize organization and improve productivity.

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Closed Shelving


Open Shelving & Mini-Racking


With a range of dimensions and options available, our industrial-quality open shelving and mini-racking units allow you to efficiently store bulky items in a scalable system that easily adapts to your specific needs.

With a variety of configurations and organizational accessories available, our closed shelving is an ideal solution for creating an organized and easily modified storage space that will grow alongside your business.

Mobile Shelving & Mini-Racking

Mobile storage allows you to complete your tasks quickly and effectively while keeping equipment close at hand.

Shelving with drawers is a hybrid system that can be used to store both small and large parts in the same unit. By installing this system, you can use up to one-sixth of the space used by traditional shelving solutions.

Shelving With Drawers


Rousseau shelving with sloped shelves provides superior-quality gravity flow storage that integrates perfectly with other products in our Spider® range. This unique product on the market is available in a wide range of dimensions to fulfill your exact requirements.

Multilevel shelving is a customized and extremely practical solution for increasing storage capacity without increasing the amount of floor surface used.

Shelving with Sloped Shelves

Multi-Level Shelving


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