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Work Benches / Work Stations

Our workstations have been designed to make your workspace functional and organized. Because they are modular, they come in a variety of configurations to meet the needs of your company and employees. There are multiple options to choose from, including stationary or mobile workstations and with or without a frame over the work surface. 

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Work Benches

Our basic workbenches create an ideal mobile or fixed surface for performing tasks in a safe manner.



If you have a workbench but need better storage to reduce clutter, choose from our range of basic workbench upgrades to optimize organization of your workspace.


Work Stations

Workstations keep your workspace optimized and organized. The various storage options available cater for the many different tasks that need to be carried out. Furthermore, the most important items can be kept close by so tasks can be carried out safely and effectively.


Corner Work Station

Corner workstations make maximum use of all available space by integrating into and completing your workstation configuration. They are a great way to maximize your workspace storage and organization.


Freestanding Stations

Freestanding Stations can be used to efficiently store tools and parts that need to be kept close at hand while carrying out tasks.


Adjustable Work Stations

With manual or electronic lifting systems, adjustable workbenches provide optimum ergonomics for all users. Available in a variety of configurations and with a range of accessories, they are a durable and versatile solution.


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